Something Powerfull

Judah was an Amazing Brother
his Family and Wife loved
this continued Man and
Life had fun and would Thank the name
Marry as she Added
Pressure and Perception
to all the Details that the Projection
made us Know the place of Journey
and as hope with god was Perfect
the way you hold me in Relationships
are the Best as we Snap at times
and Say Hurtfull things can be forgiven
with our Parents and Siblings and Friends
we find out a new Truth and we all can feel Bothered
Guyse in good are fulfilled if it is Fair
as Years pass you may be twentyone and love
can be discouraged when Goals are far from Dancing
There is something cool about time
and a poem can be insecure
if it all went by quickly it was the biggest goodness
and in there somewhere there is a joy
as the door is opening it makes a difference.


Contact high
to my self i apply
smern all over my skin
i am here to find my kin
yet i can never truly know where to go
for there within is a lie of natural flow
through us shines the soul as you do early morn
peaking through the windows again to be born
the rain keeps falling over and under
falling between the darkest thunder
here shines the brightest of light
get ready to start your pilot engines and fight
wishes of fruition i tenderly thoughts then think
how much higher must i grow before it is smarter to shrink
dare to grow way beyond previous imagination
outplaying the whole game of relation
it is the united states of sensation
as you listen and open up and are welcomed to hell
here is your one way ticket to my overprotective shell
inbetween you and me is where we are free
and it is allways prepaired for what to say or see
putting the right words at the time of their perfect places
this is the creation of that wich inherently is called spaces


appealing how us it can become
sing a song all along
morality is not my domain
i wash off this body with no action
and disguised it in physical transaction
is this just another word in a stack
with words that could be used better
cause of all the talent that i lack
and someone who could not read
might from this treasure be free'd
like a old teacher in charge
how infinite and how large
it's on the tip of ur tongue
where it belong
"is this a joke or a peak
for i have yet to be speak"

Reality Design

Joy's Bestseller

I am alive for the billionth time
I am eve gave Brithany half a sleeve
now she wanna know who why we leave
care so much
it's like a crutch
unaturally alive
like the dutch
all along these grown ass lawns
one can gallop with ease
in trying for peace
a moment so clear
if you only could dear me this to do
i would step out my way and into the blue
a new sanctum's shrine just a space
between grass and trees is a holy place
where no one really ever sees
emoticonic is the flesh in the air
that flowers the branches all the way over there
mighty as many and far from new
made its stand at the best place it knew
growing fast and growing out
it only makes a sound when we eb out
rizzling leaves and torned remarks
all over all of the parks
reactionary yet allready there
is it really that aware?
should stop and sigh
or move in a circle
put on some lights and wait for
christmas to greet
the tree stands there
even when i dont feel to meet
is it me or was i miss under stood
being inside the cove of it's blood
keeping the rain to its self
so it can be turned into a shelf
let it grow for a while longer
here in the park it was smart to stay stronger
even with all buzziness around
in certain area one in the wild can be found
it would now allready be churned
lingering choice of trust in it's voice
shall we walk around and read Joy's?



du gjør meg sær
hva er det jeg nå igjen ær?
ikke vanskelig å forstå hva jeg trenger
men finnes det noe særlig mening lenger?
Går rundt å kaver
lurer på hva jeg laver
er det ikke allerede gjort
burde jeg få meg en egen sort?
tusj eller pen
ringe en venn
spørre om svar
på spørmsåla som jeg ikke skjønner
er alle i mørke brønner?
spiser jeg godt eller spiser jeg sundt
er det på tide jeg meg selv lyser
eller står en der å nyser?
kan jeg vokse lenger
eller er jeg bare hva fortiden trenger?
skjønner en forhandlingens poeng
kan en jo ta over hele driten
lurt å ikke bruke sine krefter helt opp
da sier det jo kanskje stopp
jeg må gi noe inn for at alt skal ut
tut tut
der var det en blekksprut
som sa hei
den var veldig grei
forstod ikke hva den mente så jeg tok vekk
det den hadde skrevet
så den seg ikke helt fast forblevet
men så forsvant den ifra havet
og jeg en ny setning måtte lave.

of these moments

comforts a now that i forget
it was like we had allready met

a warmth guides the long spine
looking into it now i felt so divine
i can't take it with me all the time

so when i remember it again
i write it down with a pen

words that jonah wrote
i can only watch and spout
what is it with me and my mouth?

another rumble around my being
light and dark sun light i keep seeing
feels like i am on the run
i insert here a simple pun

when he smiles it warms the hearth
so much it tears me a pat'h
message to you and me
to evoke what i know
yet now i must go
and again join the show


Energien i vår kropp kan alltid gi et nytt dykk ned, og når du er langt nok nede

kan en katt

bli om til en hattifnatt.

Kaninen vender aldri hjem,

og gjenskaper virkeligheten

I mangelen av en venn.

Turen vekk fra varmen, skal få deg til å føle styrken av den indre alarmen.

Når det som en gang var flatt

er blitt rundt,

er plutselig det solide

under dine føtter,

Usikre plastikk-røtter.


Jeg forstår alt

må du forstå.

Du forstår så lite

jeg får lyst til å gå.

Du famler i din

egenhet, fordi

du tror du ikke vet.

Jeg vet at dette ikke stemmer

derfor orker jeg ikke si noe lenger.

Det jeg lager


og gir lyst i dine øyner

fordi jeg også ser

hva som får meg

til å føle på mit

eget liv som

et under.


We discuss to come to the core of our lore.

In the meantime

the only ones who seem

to care are the ones who

tap into share.

Some do so directly with vision or sound,

some only partly

through their hearth or their mind.

Despite the difference of struggle

we all wait or innate

and do our best

to relate

as we wait for our


which often enough is

eating my meat

or taking to the messy

kind of «seat».


Det nye grønne;

Til tross for

alle slitne og sårede sjeler

som fortiden uten mening stjeler

så er det i hjerte av stormen den nye bendelormen

skyter til været og gir nytt håp om tilstede i kroppene

våre med ære lytte og hvitt og grønt om lære.


På roen;

Her jeg sitter for meg selv

sitter det også meg for andre

jeg skriver hvis det er gjenklang

det er fra suse av alt det andre

for til tross for en albaner

er det gromme lianer

vi unngår de dypeste aner

en er ei veganer

i spis mei selv at

og rant i dei første elver

fra den krasse kometen

en kan fortsatt se


det viser seg det

at alene om å være

en må gå ned på kne

og la himmelen deg se

ei ære med

å sitte med deg

alle de andre?

Ja de, de ler av meg.



30 Chapters later, we feel much greater.
Time has passed, perceptions changes
on the daily, all the time
no clear answer
no reading on or between the line
I weigh my head to the right
I feel all right
Instantly now
instead it was then
all along


I breath in the green light and the sweet of the night
I know i will continue to struggle with so much
my visions
my deep understanding
the whole being of myself is so demanding
I am not sure I know how to burn
Have i ever bin in fire
hear a frequenzy so balanced and so clear


Inbetween the tall forest trees
in between the tails of rustle and the bees that hustle
caught in the winds and led by the river
In the warm damp and in the cold nights shiver
I sit so still on the rock by the mountain of longing
watching the blue seas and how strong they are becoming
In the black and vast ocean that is above the blue
there is options and new sights
for those in deep blue.
The one most lonely i know
flowing in it’s own proximity at all cost
how many pages of the book


There are many noices around
Yet a profound silence can be found

Blue Spirit

As the knower of the everflowing blue
I dare my own timer true
as in windy sky
as in the flowing drops
all i know is my pops
As i venture for trouble
all i do is getting dared to double
it last and lasts, a call for disaster
and it follows even faster
they call me the glueblaster
connecting what few care to ever consider
knowing that their past is protected from their own being
this is the big man who their
other kept seeing
i beg us apart
the calling for true art
that feeling you from yourself keep stealing
so that my wounds never quite reach the sealing
all i do is based on how
i am feeling
Shrouded in white
i am the black knight
in reality i was kept afloat
mostly in a dark boat
with a slimmer of light
i started my flight
into the exit of the ender
to blue i never surrender
but to the secret passage
down under
my armor falls
into sunder
and my whole life
suddenly feels like a big
If i could from myself
truth steal and know
the trade of my strings
that wich all to me brings
what in action i do
out of the blue
holding on to a lie
it is time for me to die
and even so trusted
this text is so busted
one soul it may linger
put to sleep a little finger
a game of chance
may you fancy me
if i kept staying
or let me guess
there are hundreds
allready playing
before me i kneel
if i would be real
then this text
will it all
cause for every word
dies another


“My” Art

Everyday we start up and move continuously until we again stop. It is a cycle we are forever embedded within, and shall always continue to act out. The stories you know are a part of who we see you as. Funnily enough we are all acting out stories which originate from the same point.

I provoke you.

Ask what this text is, and you will get a lot of answers, ask how this text was created and you will have to make your own. Your need to understand this text, shall lead you to be ever perplexed by your obvious greed.

At night we charge our energy to spread it out on a new day. I suspect we often run into a habit of routine in body and mind, where spontaneous thought or action are only ideas that our past self was allowed. Realize that you can restart continuously and with new wavelengths in mind throughout your life.

The red pill can be a daily dosage.

Stepping into a new dimension, even if by only  a single toe, creates a huge amount of butters to fly. Watching you watching the butterflies brings incredible joy, though it usually leaves as your gaze moves to the sunrays.

You are entering the middle of creation, and as your next choice leads you forward, your point of return becomes potential.

Having a foot inside the paper, leads me to go to great lengths for company at this wittering tree.

As we try to reform our inner turmoil, it continuously moves in the same pattern, to the watchers with the distance of understanding.

We start up a new day, and the sun shines upon our



If you want meaning from my art,

you shall Find it.

In the meantime,    

let you be.


I could write anything, and as long as i Find it worth my time i continue to do so. As long as you want to understand why i cared to write this you shall continue to read. After reading this you want to know if your investment was worthwhile, and look for quality and other valuables.

Swoooosh… there went the train, and as i wait for the next train to come i could write anything…


«Ingenting er sterkere enn familie, kjærlighet, stedstilhørighet og balanse. Derimot er ingenting mer åpent til adapsjon en mennesket.»

  • Sagt av et menneske

Vår persepsjon om hva de ovennevnte tingene ser ut som, føles som og skapes av, er i en evig endring.

Dagen du ikke lengre er åpen for endring i en del av ditt sinn er dagen livet skal få deg til å føle vondt om all motvind.